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Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Is English So Important In India When It is Not In Many Other Developed Countries ?

Many a time we criticise English language promoters by drawing examples from developed countries like China, Japan and many other European countries. We don't realise the nature of development taking place in these countries compared to India. These countries had a manufacturing led growth, whereas India is depending primarily on Service Sector for its growth. So, it is not fair to compare these countries with our country, which has a completely different growth history.

Since MNCs (Multinational Companies) play a significant role in our Service Sector, it has become an incentive for people to stick to English instead of Hindi. India with its linguistic diversity, needed a common language for communication at workplace, as Hindi has not been adapted well in states like TamilNadu and partially in other states. Further, the British introduced education system that still has influence on us, adds to it.

The Narendra Modi government has initiated the 'Make In India' campaign to mimic the export-led growth as like China, since manufacturing sector in India still has a long way to go, given its contributions to GDP. Though we are yet to see the fruits of the 'Make In India' initiative, it is better to strengthen the existing sectors like Service Sector to sustain what we have done so far. To do that, we all have to aid the government by equipping us with necessary employability skills, among which English being the top, and help for the economic growth and development of this country.