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Monday, July 6, 2015

Worrying About Past Is Painful, But All Was Well!

Everyone of us have problems. Many a time we forget the fact that problems come to everyone but in different forms. Relax that you are able to manage the problems. When it comes to relationships, it is too severe to take it light. But, it happens for all! Believe me!

When you think about the past mistakes, because of which you are struggling now, it is near to no use! It is always better to find a way to correct it as soon as possible rather than lament for the past mistake, which has become the reason for your troubles now. It is a universal truth that man is the architect of his/her own future. The decisions that you make today is going to affect your future. So, the effect of your past decisions is what you are today! And if you had made a mistake in the past, you would be suffering for it now. But, it is not all over. You can correct it by analysis.

Sit and think what was the mistake? How complicated you have made it now? What are all the possibilities available now to get rid of it? And which solution you are going to choose among them. You have to plan a strategy today to solve it. Unless you decide and plan a strategy to work on and solve the problem. You will keep lamenting. Do a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of choosing a strategy and proceed to execute it. Think about the welfare of people impacted with your decision, like, your parents, relatives, friends, etc. You can even write them down in a paper if you are not a good thinker. It's all about planning and executing in your own way rather than copying solution from some one else, which will never work. Because, for everyone of us, the context of the problem differs. You cannot fit the same solution to your problem, that some one else had used. This logic is applicable only for simpler problems, whereas the ones for which you are worrying for so long would be complex.

So, stop lamenting today and start to correct them. Of course, some decisions are painful, but you will not regret for them in future. Only through this way you will come out of your problems. Believe that everything on this earth happens for a reason and it will lead you to a good beginning soon!!!
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