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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Productivity Doesn't Mean Working 24 Hours A Day

One of the most frequently used terms in the industry in 'productivity'. Many a time it is misunderstood, because of the misled portrayal by experienced employees. They manifest a wrong idea of productivity, which sends a wrong signal to the new comers, thereby corrupting the entire ecosystem.

Productivity is not about number of hours, but number of quality hours spent on a task. For instance, in our homes, we see our younger brothers and sisters open a book on the desk and stare at it. It doesn't mean that they are actually involved. Their mind is roaming around the dream world, and it shows a wrong picture to us. Similarly, in an industry, productivity doesn't mean spending the whole day in office. It is about spending quality hours, focussing on the task, involving into the assignment and diverting the energy to it. This is something to deal with the mind and not with the physical presence. Many a time, employers doesn't understand this and this would lead to misleading recognitions among employees, which would discourage a true performer.

It is essential to have a conducive environment where a mind can think freely without any other influences. Such an environment would definitely increase the productivity of an employee and also enable to create a productive environment. Compassion is the most important trait required to achieve such an environment. Treating an employee equally will itself create the necessary environment required for reaping maximum productivity. This would also keep the employee involved and bonded within the team rather than feel isolated and fed up. Equality will bring inclusiveness, inclusiveness will trigger involvement in the employee, involvement will make him accountable and accountability brings productivity !
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