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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Book That Transformed Me

Long ago, I was like a typical IT professional leaving parents at my home town and heading to Chennai, India for working in an IT company. Hardly did I call my parents and involved myself in making them happy. I was so excited about work and didn't pay much attention to spend time with my family. Honestly, I took them for granted. I didn't realise that time has changed and in this fast moving world, an extra effort is required to spend time with your family and make them happy, unlike those good old days when parents were with their children all along their life and mostly people were working locally rather than moving to distant places.

I dedicated most of my time programming and didn't pay much attention on the other side of life, which is quite natural with a student just out from college. But, it should not last long and there should be a point in life when I should realise the importance of life, the importance of living life with loved ones, putting family on priority and spending time with them. There should be a point in life when I should realise that when there arise a conflict between personal and professional lives, I should choose to stand by my personal life rather than professional life. There should be a point in life when I should realise that though I love my job, I should have the perception that it is after all a means to make a living rather than something which can cost my personal life.

Nobody taught about this perception and trust me, many time, no one does it for you too! It is we, who should pause and introspect and get to know this philosophy in life as we grow. The balance factor of personal and professional life. Uncompromising personal for professional. Putting some efforts to make your family happy, in this fast moving life, as the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Shalini rightly pointed out.

And.. I met that point of realisation when I came across a book. I was roaming around the city in search of a book to present my uncle for his birthday and I was stuck by a book and in addition to presenting for my uncle, I purchased a copy for myself. Every time I read the pages of the book, I realised my ignorance , understood the real meaning of life and undergone a real transformation of my life. Shifted more towards loving my family, putting efforts to make them happy, compassionate towards them, showing more love to my fellow beings, and finally all together my perception of life was transformed.. From then, when I had a conflict with personal and professional lives, I always chose my personal life. The book taught me that love is above everything in this world, job, money, career, aspirations and what not..! And the book is non other than the most popular "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.. You can also get a copy of it and get yourself transformed...

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