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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Problems Always? Be Proud! The Almighty Recognized You!

We generally lament that we are so unlucky to face the world's toughest problems in our life. But, trust me you are lucky. You are lucky enough to grab the attention of God by being so strong to face problems. God puts a lot of hurdles in your way because you are unique and you are the only person who can solve and overcome such tough problems. In doing so, you make yourself strong. Don't get disheartened by facing problems, but gain energy, take a deep breath and ask for more. Let's see how many He has up his sleeves for you. :) Courage of that kind is of course essential to be a topper. It makes you strong, gives you confidence that you can solve any problem on this earth. And, if you don't believe in God, then consider it as Nature that troubles you.

Don't stop doing good even at adverse situations. Don't forget to spend time with your loved ones. Work, problems, stress and what not.. all are part of this life and you cannot avoid them. You have to face them anyways. Don't try to escape them but learn to tackle and manage them smartly. That's what I am teaching you all these years. Because you have a lot of problems to deal with, don't miss a moon light dinner with your loved ones, don't miss to take at least an hour to talk to your family daily and laugh with them and try to draw a clear line between your professional and personal lives.

So, understand that problems never end and change your perception towards problems from today! Stop lamenting that you are the only unlucky being in this world to face the toughest problems on the earth and start facing them with pride of having grabbed the attention of the almighty, for those who believe in god, and the Nature, for those who don't believe in God. You are the only one who is capable of handling those toughest problems, and you are doing it daily. If not you, then it would have been handed over to others, who would have collapsed, handling them. You have, in deed, saved  someone else by taking their burden as well. SO, be proud of you and ask for more! and prove Him, you can never be brought down !!!
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