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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Book That Transformed Me

Long ago, I was like a typical IT professional leaving parents at my home town and heading to Chennai, India for working in an IT company. Hardly did I call my parents and involved myself in making them happy. I was so excited about work and didn't pay much attention to spend time with my family. Honestly, I took them for granted. I didn't realise that time has changed and in this fast moving world, an extra effort is required to spend time with your family and make them happy, unlike those good old days when parents were with their children all along their life and mostly people were working locally rather than moving to distant places.

I dedicated most of my time programming and didn't pay much attention on the other side of life, which is quite natural with a student just out from college. But, it should not last long and there should be a point in life when I should realise the importance of life, the importance of living life with loved ones, putting family on priority and spending time with them. There should be a point in life when I should realise that when there arise a conflict between personal and professional lives, I should choose to stand by my personal life rather than professional life. There should be a point in life when I should realise that though I love my job, I should have the perception that it is after all a means to make a living rather than something which can cost my personal life.

Nobody taught about this perception and trust me, many time, no one does it for you too! It is we, who should pause and introspect and get to know this philosophy in life as we grow. The balance factor of personal and professional life. Uncompromising personal for professional. Putting some efforts to make your family happy, in this fast moving life, as the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Shalini rightly pointed out.

And.. I met that point of realisation when I came across a book. I was roaming around the city in search of a book to present my uncle for his birthday and I was stuck by a book and in addition to presenting for my uncle, I purchased a copy for myself. Every time I read the pages of the book, I realised my ignorance , understood the real meaning of life and undergone a real transformation of my life. Shifted more towards loving my family, putting efforts to make them happy, compassionate towards them, showing more love to my fellow beings, and finally all together my perception of life was transformed.. From then, when I had a conflict with personal and professional lives, I always chose my personal life. The book taught me that love is above everything in this world, job, money, career, aspirations and what not..! And the book is non other than the most popular "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma.. You can also get a copy of it and get yourself transformed...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Working On More Than 1 Goal Daily? Listen!

Many a time, we don't settle in a career option and look for better opportunities every time we get a new thing. It's quite natural and I won't stop you from doing it. Unlike other motivators asking you to carry out one goal at a time, I can excuse you for at most 2 to 3 goals, if you are an exceptional individual? But, who is that exceptional individual? Are you not? If you are sceptical, then listen, you can also become that exceptional individual, but you have to do just one thing.

That one thing is nothing but "scheduling time". If you are a working professional and pursuing your masters degree and finding difficulty in learning academic subjects because of your incapability of scheduling time, then you are at the right place! You may also be someone who is pursuing your studies and working part time or working for better opportunities, well , that's good, but make sure you schedule your time.

Let's say your work time is for 8 hours, try not to waste time during your work hours and complete it within the stipulated time and don't stay back at work for more than 8 hours. It's of course difficult sometimes, but you will have to do it somehow, if you want to pursue multiple dreams. Then schedule a couple of hours for your second dream and another couple of hours for the third one. Stay focussed. 

There are a couple of challenges in doing this. Firstly, you will be tempted to overlap times. One work may be interesting and you would not only exhaust the time planned for that particular dream, but also intrude into the time allotted for the other dream, which is bad. You should have that courage and determination and control to stop working once you run out of time and start the other work. This way you can make sure that you move at least a step closer to your dreams everyday and one day you will realise that you are too close.

Secondly, you will be tempted to think about the third dream when you are working on for your first dream. Your mind is like a monkey which will never stay focussed towards on thing at a time. But, it is your will to control your mind. Tell yourself constantly to focus on what you are doing now and forget about what was done or what is to be done. Unless you do this, no matter how many times you try, you will never reach your goals. 

If you learn to schedule time, then you can definitely achieve multiple dreams. If you don’t do so, then you will go crazy!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Problems Always? Be Proud! The Almighty Recognized You!

We generally lament that we are so unlucky to face the world's toughest problems in our life. But, trust me you are lucky. You are lucky enough to grab the attention of God by being so strong to face problems. God puts a lot of hurdles in your way because you are unique and you are the only person who can solve and overcome such tough problems. In doing so, you make yourself strong. Don't get disheartened by facing problems, but gain energy, take a deep breath and ask for more. Let's see how many He has up his sleeves for you. :) Courage of that kind is of course essential to be a topper. It makes you strong, gives you confidence that you can solve any problem on this earth. And, if you don't believe in God, then consider it as Nature that troubles you.

Don't stop doing good even at adverse situations. Don't forget to spend time with your loved ones. Work, problems, stress and what not.. all are part of this life and you cannot avoid them. You have to face them anyways. Don't try to escape them but learn to tackle and manage them smartly. That's what I am teaching you all these years. Because you have a lot of problems to deal with, don't miss a moon light dinner with your loved ones, don't miss to take at least an hour to talk to your family daily and laugh with them and try to draw a clear line between your professional and personal lives.

So, understand that problems never end and change your perception towards problems from today! Stop lamenting that you are the only unlucky being in this world to face the toughest problems on the earth and start facing them with pride of having grabbed the attention of the almighty, for those who believe in god, and the Nature, for those who don't believe in God. You are the only one who is capable of handling those toughest problems, and you are doing it daily. If not you, then it would have been handed over to others, who would have collapsed, handling them. You have, in deed, saved  someone else by taking their burden as well. SO, be proud of you and ask for more! and prove Him, you can never be brought down !!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Money Is Not The Only Incentive To Be A Top Performer In Your Company

There are lot more reasons other than money. If you perform well and become the topper of your company, you become a role model too for someone else who had just started her career. Candidates who are just out of college grow following you. Your peers are inspired by your character and behaviour. You can have better work-life balance, good name and fame, can influence the decisions of your team and what not. It becomes a confidence booster and brings you peace of mind. Only if you have pending works at your office, you might feel uncomfortable, given our inability to segregate professional and personal life even after working for number of years.

The peace of mind helps you in spending quality time with your family and friends. When I say high performance, it is not about sitting 24 hours in office. It is about sharpening your skills and completing your tasks within the stipulated timeframe. I hope you know the story of the "Wood cutter with blunt axe". If a wood cutter doesn't sharpen his axe, his performance will deteriorate even thought he toil hard to cut the trees. Similarly, if you don't sharpen your mind and skills, spending hours and days will not reap benefits and you'll end up frustrated, ultimately showing it to your family. It's always better to sharpen your skills and perform well so that you can sit back and relax for the rest of your life.

After all, the more you perform, the more monetary benefits you are bestowed with. You are actually a direct contributor for the economic development of this country being a tax payer. The more you perform, the more benefits you get and of course the more investment you make, the more developed a country is. So, your performance, directly and indirectly impacts the social and economic development of our country. Let's understand that and start to show ourselves !!