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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your Boss Asks For An Apple And You Give Orange!!!

Becoming a high performer at your office, most of the time, means meeting or exceeding the expectations of your boss. It should be done consistently to prove yourself. Before meeting or even exceeding the expectations of your boss, it is essential to understand the expectations of your boss clearly. If not, it will end up in a mess. Often we overlook simple problems and complicate them by ourselves, instead of understanding the actual problem and solve it in a quick and simple way.

For example, Your boss gives you the following instruction in the meeting

1. "The client wants us to send the complete proposal as soon as possible. They are eager to see the prototype before that. We have to send it to them soon"

If this instruction is given to you, what would you do? Most of us would rush to prepare the complete proposal and send it to the client to impress them. But, preparing a complete proposal would take 4 to 5 days. Thinking that the client would be happy on seeing a complete proposal, we sit and complete it and unfortunately it takes a week. Do you think that your boss is waiting for a completed proposal? No. He is actually waiting for the prototype to send to the client, which is the immediate problem standing his/her way even before the complete proposal, which he expects you to solve. Then why wouldn't he be happy on seeing a complete proposal, forgetting the time it had taken? Well, he will, if you are lucky enough :) What if the client doesn't like it? What if you would have avoided this embarrassing moment , had you sent a simple proposal before to read the mind of the client? And that is the reason why your boss asked for a prototype in the first place.

Sometimes, assumptions will fail us. Most of the time, problems arise due to mismatching expectations, lack of proper communication and understanding. So, it is always advisable to keep updating your boss on your progress of the assignment given to you. A leader will not expect his boss to ask him for the progress. A leader is the one who shows proactive attitude, who wants less surprises and shocks for his boss, and always understands the expectations of his/her boss clearly.
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