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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Best Decision Maker Develops By Making Mistakes

When it comes to a meeting in our company, many of us keep quiet and remain passive listeners. We become mute spectators and accept what others decide. Sometimes even if it is a wrong decision, we seldom speak up and register our concerns on the issue, skeptical about the validity of our claim. But, this is wrong. It is always good to speak up and become active participants in a meeting. Even if your claims make people laugh, it is going to live hardly for a few days and you  can take the pride of making an attempt comparing yourself with people who didn't even open their mouth. The most important thing here is making mistake. Making mistake is good. If your claims, in a meeting are valid, it is appreciated but if it is invalid, no worries. You have a learning that day! :)


Never stop expressing your thoughts. Only if you speak, it shows your involvement in the topic, your confidence in your thoughts and further, you can improve your decision making skills by making mistakes and correcting them the next time, Imagine you never speak and keep listening to others and you follow it for number of years in an organisation. The moment you reach on top of the management, you would start realising the mistake that you did and would regret for not being active. It would be too late and you would have already lost half of your learning phase in your career.


Speaking improves your effective communication skills, increases your visibility in an organisation, makes you influential among your colleagues and helps you in getting things done more easily than others do. And the most crucial thing is, speaking shows who you are and your individuality in decision making, it manifests you as a leader and not a follower of others thoughts. You need not simply follow what others say, you can have your own thought process, logical connection of ideas , application of data that you have about the topic and derivation of a decisions out of it. The only way to let others know all these intellectual capabilities is to speak. One day, you will become the perfect, confident and fearless decision maker!!!
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