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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soft Skills Can Give You That Edge Over Others

In my experience, employees with the right attitude and confidence have excelled compared to employees with just good technical skill set. Considering two employees with the same level of  technical expertise, the employee who is highly confident with effective communication skills has higher chance of getting promoted. The probability of he getting a responsible leadership role is higher compared to the one with lesser confidence and with poor to average communication skills. So, it is crucial that one develops soft skills in addition to the technical skills demanded in his/her day to day life. The former is difficult and could not be achieved overnight, while the latter can be achieved in a short period of time.


Character building and attitude correction takes years. You have to make a lot of mistakes, trial and errors to reach that level of perfection that the industry demands. Most of the Indians have poor or no reading habit which is pathetic. Reading is one of the most important ways for character building and attitude correction. We have one small life and it is not possible for us to confront each and every problem and correct ourself. Though experience is necessary, it should be combined with a good reading habit to complement your learning without experience. Reading autobiographies opens the door for learning solutions for various problems we face in this life. It also helps in appreciating good behaviours and adopt them for our own use :)

Trying new things, making mistakes, and correcting them will one day lead to perfection. This applies very well for human behaviour. And human behaviour is the result of one's character. If you are developing good behaviours, you are building your character.
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