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Friday, May 22, 2015

Don't try to correct your management, Adopt Or Quit!

In India, it is a repeated complaint from many of employees from different private organisations, accusing their management as being inhuman in dealing with them. They say that the management is not treating them with compassion and love, which is a considerable allegation. But, the truth is you cannot change it unless you are on the top. Most of us, who face such problems, are at the bottom level of the organisational hierarchy and carrying out orders from our boss and dreaming of a change one day. But, it is not going to happen because the climate that you face today is not something which is developed in a day or two. It would have been developed over years. The management is used to it. and you cannot change it.

1. If you are on top of the management, try to treat your employees with compassion. Try to treat them the way you want to be treated.

2. If you are at the bottom level, try to adopt and tackle the day to day problems smartly by not accusing anyone. I have written a lot of articles in this blog to do that. In case, if you don't know how to tackle them, quit the organisation and don't try to change the management's attitude because you will fail in your attempt. Your determination and efforts will go waste and most of your colleagues will pay no heed to your words since many are not like you :)

3. The advantage of quitting a company is two fold. Firstly, you can search for another company which suits your aspirations.  Secondly, your resignation will make a considerable amount of impact, if not significant, so that someday, due to attrition, the management could change their mind, which is good :)

The views expressed are general and personal, not keeping in mind any particular organisation. 
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