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Friday, March 20, 2015

What is 'God'?

Since my childhood, I always wanted to see God. I used to imagine him appearing on top of the mountain as a huge image coming from behind it, covering the entire sky, to bless me and kill the evil Asuras of this world. But, as I grew, my thoughts matured as a result of exhaustive reading of various books and I spent long hours questioning the validity of all spiritual conventions relating to god.

I started to think, How God can only be a human being rather than any other animal in this world or even a superior being than a human? When I read ancient history, I came to know that people who lived in BCE, personified various forces which are uncontrollable by human beings, such as sun light, rain, thunder, lightning etc and worshipped them as supreme beings, who are now cherished as 'Gods'. But... wait! In that case, if there is no god or supreme being then how this nature is so regulated? How the nature is self-governing? How complex beings such as human beings evolve from the so called unicellular organism like amoeba? Is this complex evolution possible without a supreme designer? 

The so called 'God' as we call, a supreme being, as believed by most of us, may be a human, an enormous energy, or even something superior like a gravitational force governing the entire universe.. I still have a lot of questions in my mind.. I am consulting various philosophers and their thoughts on the existence of God.. I don't know how long the journey would be but I am sure, this journey is going to be interesting !!! 
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