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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I cracked athenahealth Interview

athenahealth Technologies is one of the leading health care product companies. I am happy that I got through the interview and joined as an athena employee now. It was an interesting experience.

I was searching for job and one fine day, my friend who is working at athena told me that a recruitment drive is scheduled the following weekend and it would be a good opportunity for me if I take up the interview. I was quite interested and got me referred to the position through my friend. As I got the information at the last moment I couldn't get ample amount of time to prepare for the interview, but I was a bit confident with my preparations which I did for appearing other companies.

On the interview day, I went to the office in a casual T shirt and Jean, as there is no dress code. The first round was a programming round and there were 3 problems. They involve basic string operations and looping. One can choose his/her own language for writing the program. A basic knowledge of programming with a decent logical blend of mind will get you through this round. I appeared as an experienced candidate with 5 years of product development experience from Accenture.

The second round was a face to face round. There were two interviewers in the panel asking questions about data structures, time and space complexities, collections in Java, sorting and searching algorithms, and few questions from frameworks like spring and hibernate. I answered all the questions and got through this round as well. I think for data structures and algorithms one has to be strong in basics. Only then one can tackle unexpected complex questions fired on him/her. Basic knowledge and differences of list, queue, tree, etc and sorting algorithms like merge sort, quick sort (popularly used algorithms because of their time complexity).

The third round was again a face to face technical round which was a bit more difficult compared to the second one. Questions were from object oriented analysis and design, design patterns, data structures and algorithms, collections (and the difference in implementations) in Java, and multithreading. This round went for around 2 hours and again for this round too, instead of getting into too much of theoretical concepts, it is better to see from a practical point of view and get to know the basics well. This helped me in answering even the most complex questions. Problems were given to me on the above topics and papers were given to solve them. One more thing is even if you don't know the answer at the first instance, just give a try and put your efforts in solving it and thats the way to crack it! I got through the second face to face round as well.

The third and fourth rounds were again a managerial cum technical round where both the managerial and technical questions were asked, since I was with 5 years of experience. They had very few questions compared to the previous technical rounds. I got through them as well. The programming interview happened on a weekend and the rest of the round were conducted on a separate working day.

Finally, the HR round and I was offered a Technical Lead position and It was quite exciting :)
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