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Friday, March 20, 2015

Communication Skill Is A Spring Board To Reach Great Heights

When people say confidence is the key to success, I say it in a different way. In the context of a workplace, confidence comes with good communication skills, at least in India. I always reiterate more about effective communication and contextual English. Effective expression means, expressing one's thought in a precise, unambiguous and to the point. The lesser the words, the better. The yardstick to measure good communication skill in English is the word count. One's ability to express all his thoughts but with the least number of words, showcases his/her power and command over the language.

There is no shortcut for achieving this greatness. It takes years together. And, it is acquirable through practice. It is a continuous process and one should keep updating his/her vocabulary with new words to use them in the right context. This is extremely important when putting the learned words to use.

Reading newspaper (I prefer 'The Hindu'), trying to write concise emails, putting the newly learned words in conversation with colleagues, are some ideas to make the efforts habitual.
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