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Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Can Chief Minister's Special Cell Solve Your Problem?

The Chief Minister's special cell is a grievance redressal forum open to public. Anyone who is an aggrieved citizen can lodge a grievance online and it is addressed by the authorities swiftly.

Firstly, an aggrieved person has to login to and register with all the necessary details like name, address, date of birth, email, etc, post which he/she will be given a login and password. Once logged in to the portal, he/she can lodge a new complaint. The portal has provisions to track the lodged grievance through a petition number provided at the time of lodging the grievance.

Grievances under various categories like financial assistance, housing, land matters, police, service pension, social injustice etc. can be lodged and get resolved. If it is a genuine grievance, it will be forwarded to the concerned department to take necessary action and subsequently the status of the petition will be changed to 'Approved'.

The advantage of availing this facility is that firstly, an aggrieved person can get in touch with officials sitting in front of a computer at home. Secondly, he/she gets a petition number immediately after submitting the grievance and this number can be quoted for further discussions on the petition with any official. Thirdly, the grievance petition can be tracked and the status can be checked periodically online. Gone are the days when the petitions submitted at the secretariat are missed by officials and a complainant had to wait for years together to get it addressed.
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