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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cost Effective Weight Loss - For Free :) I Am Not Joking!

I see a lot of IT professionals working out in gym under the able guidance of experts. But, what is pathetic about this is the short lived spirit to workout and bad consequences subsequent to it. Most of the professionals give up in the mid way and so, suffer from side effects like sudden increase in body weight, shapelessness etc. No gym master can help anyone in this regard :)

So, what can we do about it? I always insist my friends not to practise weights in gym and go with natural way of maintaining body. Yes, I mean the same ;) I want them to "Run" and it is not that running is possible only on a treadmill. It is always good to wake up early in the morning before sunset, walk to a park nearby and jog for half an hour preceded by some good old stretches. This will expose us to morning fresh air which is required in a city like Chennai. It also helps you to jog in a natural way, rather than in an artificially air conditioned gym. I am here neither to tell that going to gym is a bad practice nor to tell that gym workouts wouldn't help. I want to emphasise the natural way of maintaining body which would keep us fit in a long term. Even if a professional skips a couple of weeks of exercise, he will not suffer from any side effects and he will see a minimal or no change in his physical appearance and strength.
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