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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cost Effective Weight Loss - For Free :) I Am Not Joking!

I see a lot of IT professionals working out in gym under the able guidance of experts. But, what is pathetic about this is the short lived spirit to workout and bad consequences subsequent to it. Most of the professionals give up in the mid way and so, suffer from side effects like sudden increase in body weight, shapelessness etc. No gym master can help anyone in this regard :)

So, what can we do about it? I always insist my friends not to practise weights in gym and go with natural way of maintaining body. Yes, I mean the same ;) I want them to "Run" and it is not that running is possible only on a treadmill. It is always good to wake up early in the morning before sunset, walk to a park nearby and jog for half an hour preceded by some good old stretches. This will expose us to morning fresh air which is required in a city like Chennai. It also helps you to jog in a natural way, rather than in an artificially air conditioned gym. I am here neither to tell that going to gym is a bad practice nor to tell that gym workouts wouldn't help. I want to emphasise the natural way of maintaining body which would keep us fit in a long term. Even if a professional skips a couple of weeks of exercise, he will not suffer from any side effects and he will see a minimal or no change in his physical appearance and strength.

How Can Chief Minister's Special Cell Solve Your Problem?

The Chief Minister's special cell is a grievance redressal forum open to public. Anyone who is an aggrieved citizen can lodge a grievance online and it is addressed by the authorities swiftly.

Firstly, an aggrieved person has to login to and register with all the necessary details like name, address, date of birth, email, etc, post which he/she will be given a login and password. Once logged in to the portal, he/she can lodge a new complaint. The portal has provisions to track the lodged grievance through a petition number provided at the time of lodging the grievance.

Grievances under various categories like financial assistance, housing, land matters, police, service pension, social injustice etc. can be lodged and get resolved. If it is a genuine grievance, it will be forwarded to the concerned department to take necessary action and subsequently the status of the petition will be changed to 'Approved'.

The advantage of availing this facility is that firstly, an aggrieved person can get in touch with officials sitting in front of a computer at home. Secondly, he/she gets a petition number immediately after submitting the grievance and this number can be quoted for further discussions on the petition with any official. Thirdly, the grievance petition can be tracked and the status can be checked periodically online. Gone are the days when the petitions submitted at the secretariat are missed by officials and a complainant had to wait for years together to get it addressed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Observing Modi Government

I understand that it is too early to determine the capability of a new government when the cabinet itself has just been enlarged and responsibilities are being assigned, I thought to register some of my observations and things that provoked my thought process.

Firstly, the 'Swachh Bharat' campaign seems to attract, if not significant but a considerable amount of people and it is a welcome step. And yes, it is growing and I think the strategies used to manifest it is working out. I could see a lot of people speak about 'Swachh Bharat' campaign, and getting involved in cleaning activities. I can also see the difference in central government office premises and other public places like railway stations maintained by central government. They are pretty clean than before and most importantly, I saw a shop keeper asking a customer to drop the used coca-cola cans in a dust bin placed at the station. Feels good!

Secondly, the stand of the Indian Government in the world forum in support of subsidies to the poor farmers in the country is a commendable step. It shows the firmness in the government's stand to support the back bone of Indian economy, Agriculture, on which still a significant amount of population depends on. 

What is little scary is the industrial reforms brought by the government. This includes the 'Make In India' campaign and various other measures like the reversal of NPPA's control measures on pricing of 108 medicinal drugs. I see it as a first step towards a quick revival of the already sick Indian economy, but at the same time I am afraid that it should not be achieved at the cost of well being of the people. There is a need for sustainable economic growth and at the same time the development of people in all aspects has to be kept in mind. Let's wait and watch !