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Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to Cut An Audio File And Convert To MP3 File In MacBook

Mac Book is loaded with a number of tools and softwares so that you don't need to go out and search for one breaking your head. One such solution to a common problem is the ability of to cut and convert an audio file to a desired format.

Here are the steps,

1. Lauch QuickTime Player from LaunchPad.
2. Drag and drop the desired audio file on the Quick Time player icon on the dock.
3. Press command+T.
4. Drag the yellow bar and choose your desired part of the song. Verify once if it is unto your expectations.
5. Click 'Trim'
6. Click File - > Export To -> iTunes
7. Go to iTunes and click iTunes -> Preferences -> General Tab
8. Click 'Import Setting' button and make sure 'MP3 Encoder' is selected in the 'Import Using' drop down.
9. Click OK in this box and the parent box.
10. Now, right click the trimmed song imported in iTunes and select "create MP3 version".
11. You would see a copy getting created in iTunes itself.
12. Copy it using command+C and paste it in your desired folder using command+V.
13. Thats all. Your trimmed MP3 is ready without even downloading an MP3 convertor or similar software
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