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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Golden Mean

Recently I have come across a reading comprehension passage in “Trishna’s Supercourse in English Language Comprehension and Reading comprehension” book. It reiterated what mybrainstock was emphasising as one of the important traits of leadership. It is nothing but the “Balance Factor”. If you are confused about what I am talking about, then read my article on “Balance Factor” before going ahead.

Now, I will share you the passage given in the book which talks about the “Golden Mean”, which is similar to what we call “Balance Factor”

“The chief condition of happiness of man, barring certain physical pre-requisites, is the life of reason. Virtue or excellence will depend on clear judgement, self-control, symmetry of desire, artistry of means; it is not the possession of simple man, nor the gift of the innocent but the achievement of fully developed man. Yet there is a road to it, a guide to excellence, which may save many detours and delays; it is the middle way, the golden mean. The qualities of character can be arranged in triads in each of which the first and the last qualities will be extremes and vices, the middle quality a virtue or an excellence. So, between cowardice and rashness is courage, between humility and pride is modesty.”

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