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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Persuading Skill: 4 Steps To Master The Art Of Convincing People

May it be an interview, product marketing, bargaining, conflict resolution in family, persuading to pacify agitated insurgents in public places and what not! Convincing people is an art, which needs to be acquired through continuous practice and experience. But, it is not very difficult as it seems to be. Let’s see how this can be acquired through four simple steps.

Knowledge is the bedrock:

Knowledge is power, as the cliche goes. First and the most important quality required by a persuader is the knowledge about the subject on which the argument takes place. The pros and cons of the subject need to be known to the persuader. If a seller wants to persuade a customer to buy a product in his/her store, it is essential that the seller has to have a complete knowledge about the products so that the seller helps the customer to choose the product which best suits the expectation of the customer. A customer bargaining for a product should know the market value of the product and the rate of the product across various other locations, which would help win a better deal. An IAS officer, convincing the agitated farmers should be aware of the schemes announced by the government for the farmers so that they become instrumental in convincing them.

Effective Communication Skill:

Secondly, the persuader needs to have effective communication skills to convey the message unambiguously. Proficient verbal and non verbal skills, demonstrating involvement and energy towards the subject of persuasion will help in winning the attention of the receiver. A good communication skill coupled with the energy can do wonders!

Patience And Control:

At times, the persuasion may not go in the right direction and this is the time for the persuader to have control over his mind and bring the horse back on track. The receiver might get annoyed or tensed as a result of continuous persuasion. The persuader needs to recognise this change and immediately react to it by pacifying the situation and facilitating the opposite party for a healthy discussion.

Understand the Problem And Find a Convincing Solution:

Finally, the most important trait comes here! The persuader has to be capable of proactively understanding the problem of the receiver and help him/her find a solution. When we go to a shop, the seller on seeing us, guesses certain facts about our lifestyle and necessities, and proactively lists out all possible products for us, which would suit our lifestyle. This would definitely make a customer happy and there is more likely a chance of a conversion there. An employer convincing an employee in an exit interview, needs to understand the personal and professional aspirations of the employee and offer him/her various options to achieve those aspirations, so that there is more likely the employee takes back his resignation. 

Knowledge plays an important role in implementing this in practice. In the case of an exit interview mentioned above, the employer, not only needs to understand the aspirations of the employee and the real issue which made the employee to take this big decision of moving out of the company, but also needs to have knowledge about the instruments offered by the company to persuade an outgoing employee and also the policies that govern those instruments, to utilise them to convince an outgoing employee. Unless otherwise, the employer would fail in his attempt.

After all, it all works out of a simple logic of understanding each other and solving each others’ problems, thereby leading to a win-win situation for both the parties.

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