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Monday, May 12, 2014

Leadership Lessons From Election Commission Of India

May it be banning prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally, or sending notice to Kejriwal for violating model code of conduct during the Lok Sabha election 2014, or the nation-wide vehicle check before the elections or the smooth elections , the Election Commission of India have set an example for an efficient body of integrity. Every leader has to understand that, no one in this world is without a boss sitting on top of him to screw him. A student is under a school teacher, a school teacher is under a principal and he is under a correspondent, and it goes on. Even you may be a CEO of a company, still someone will be there to make you bend.

You may dream of going to the top of everyone and change the world and make it the way you want, but remember, someone will always be there on top to put a roadblock to your decisions. So, you cannot wait till you go to the top. Everyday, you need to fight for justice being a man or woman of integrity. The Election Commission of India, though under high pressure, discharged its duty efficiently and courageously. I am not going to argue if the decisions are right or wrong, but I want to highlight the bravery, non-partisanship and integrity, in spite of high pressure.  

Being a leader, this is the lesson, we need to learn from the constitutional body. A leader should not lack confidence, he should not loose heart at the time of adverse situations, he should maintain integrity in times of opposing pressure, he should be equanimous and calm. 
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