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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How To Write And Speak Better English By Learning New Words

When you read a newspaper, it is easy to run through the lines quickly without comprehension and boast yourself to be a good reader. Though it might be tempting to show yourself as a better reader than your room-mate, it is not going to help you in a long run! I am not an English professor, but I can tell you something which helped me and which would also help you get better in your writing and speaking skills. To be a good writer and speaker, you should be a good reader!

A good reader never compromises comprehension for speed or laziness to look into a dictionary !!! When we come across a word, most of us, presume a meaning and fit it according to the context as if we are masters of English and move on with an excuse of loosing focus if looked into a dictionary! Terrible mistake!

Look at the statement below,

"On hearing the verdict, the veracious witness escaped".

Can you guess the meaning of the word 'veracious'? If you think it as cruel, barbarous, notorious or anything like that, you are wrong!! The word means truthful!

When you learn a new word, you have to look for three things, the pronunciation, parts of speech like noun, verb etc and the meaning of the word in a given context. Once you grasp everything, try to make a sentence of your own with the word and, I am sure you will never forget it! Put the word to use in your writing and speaking wherever applicable and this is the best way to build your English language skills.

One last important thing about words, which I had already mentioned in a previous post, is the appropriateness of a word to effectively express your thoughts, which is essential for a perfect writer or a speaker. The words, glim, gleam, flash, shine,shimmer etc are all related to light, but can you put any of these words for use in any context??!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Social Responsibility - A Train We Missed!

People are becoming self-centred day by day. Gone are the days, when people fed not only their family members but also neighbours and strangers. Volunteering and corporate social responsibility were not buzz words those days since they were naturally present in people's way of life. People were closely related socially and were ready to help each other in time of difficulties.

But, now the situation is very different. Everyone is too busy to take care of himself/herself. Most of us hardly care for others' problems. Of course, we do but to certain limits and we cannot deny this. We can trick to excuse ourselves by confessing it with an intelligent blame on the fast-moving and materialistic world, but if you are honest, you would accept the fact that most of the time we deliberately keep ourselves away from socially responsible attempts. Innocence is fading away.  You would scratch your head if asked for a meagre donation to an orphanage but would be ready to spend lavishly for your birthday party!!! You will be very careful in not making others comfortable at the cost of your comfortableness!! Your neighbour's sufferings are none of your business! You hate nuclear family since parents intervene in 'your' privacy! At last, you would leave the country to ruin at the hands of the corrupt and fly to United States!!!