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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Improve Your Vocabulary in English- Learn the Most Important ‘Oxford 3000’ Words

If you are novice in vocabulary or even if you are above that level, you have something important to learn. You may be a student, a manager, a business man, or anybody else, there are few words that are used most commonly in your areas of work and it is vital that you are aware of those words. Oxford 3000 provides you a list of 3000 most commonly used words in the areas of Business and Management, Economics, Science, Technology, Arts etc. I would say here is a very good direction for you to learn the words in a meaningful way instead of just learning words randomly, maybe using your dictionary or the’s ‘word of the day’. If you are familiar with all these words, I am sure that your confidence level will boost up and you will be able to present your ideas in the most efficient and exceptional way to others in presentations, seminars, meetings, exams, mails etc. says that “The keywords of the Oxford 3000 have been carefully selected by a group of language experts and experienced teachers as the words which should receive priority in vocabulary study because of their importance and usefulness”

I recommend you this because, in addition to my experience with these words, we all know the standard of oxford dictionaries and the credibility they had built. Now is the time! Go for it today and take your vocabulary to great heights.

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