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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Be A Leader


Suppose you are the leader of a team in your workplace or institution and let us say, you have around thirty to forty people working under you and you have a manager above you, who is your boss. I am going to tell you some points to fine tune yourself to become a successful leader. As a leader, your primary objective should be to stand out of the rest of your team and to be a role-model for everyone. As everybody knew, a leader should not only be the best performer of the team but also the best motivator for his team. You should keep this in mind. Interact with your team members often, no matter how big your team is. Do it through e-mail, mobile or personally based on your team size. Solve their problems then and there and do not let the problems accumulate. Solving problems shows your responsiveness and responsibility you take for your team members. Responding to a person is the best way to create love and respect for you in his heart.


You must respond to each and everyone of your team as quick as possible and find a positive solution for every problem. You must be approachable and always create an amicable environment around you and should not let people hesitate to talk approach you. Always post statements which are reflexive. Instead of saying, "You didn't tell me.", you can say, "I did not know it".

If your team fails, say, "I am responsible". Be accountable and responsible for your team. Reply with unambiguous and explicit answers for questions posted to you. Your answer should be 'yes' or 'no' or any clear atomic statement rather than evasive and ambiguous statements. Do not ask for excuse for your failure. The world will never accept excuses. Just say, "I am sorry, I failed. I am responsible".

Time management is an essential factor that could provoke you at times. You need to know how to schedule time for your own works and your team's works.You must be a proper communication channel between your manager and team members or else you will be in trouble.When you deal with your manager, always trash your ego and apologize for your mistakes. Ask him to correct you and behave like a learner. Mark of a leader is, of course, humility. And last but not least, as soon as you get the 'Team Leader' label, just forget it that moment. I mean, do not call yourself, "I am a leader", but instead change the label and say to yourself, "I am just a sincere and responsible worker for my team" because the former statement has the evil power to concentrate your superiority complex and spoil your career, beware!!!
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