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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Choosing The Best Web Hosting Companies

As you would know that MyBrainStock believes strongly in promoting entrepreneurship, I would like to continue providing fruitful ways to start a business online. In my previous article, 'This Is The Right Time To Go Online And Start A Business', I have already explained you why this is the right time to go online to start a business or to have a website for your existing business. I have also explained you how a website can be made into a business model, in the article, 'Turn Your Website Into A Business Model'. Now to continue providing you the best ways of doing this, I will start posting articles on the best webhosting companies to choose from. You will get to know the pros and cons of each webhosting provider so that you would be able to choose the best webhosting company for you.

Why You Should Be So Careful In Choosing Webhosting company?

When it comes to choosing the best webhosting company, you need to consider a lot of factors like the space that you need based on the type of your website bandwidth, quality of support provided to you etc.

1. Space

The first thing that comes to mind while choosing the webhosting provider is the space that your website is going to occupy. If your website is a social networking site, or a site that deals with Art and Design, you need to have a lot of space for pictures. Suppose, a user has a 250 k picture in his album. Multiply this with the number of users signing up for your site. Let us say, 1k users per week. 250 x 1000 kb = 250 MB of space. After 4 weeks you will have 1 GB of space already over. This is the case if a user has 1 picture. Think about his album has a 100 photos ! and multiply this with the 1000 users!! Alright, I am not here to panic you. I am just providing you the way to calculate how much approximate space you need. This is only for websites which have a larger community. If you have a website to sell your products, then you don't need to worry about. You will have a defined number of pictures and videos.

2. Bandwidth

This second thing that comes to my mind is the bandwidth. It seems to be a jargon at first sight. But, it is so simple than it should be. It is the amount of data transferred. The more your site's bandwidth, the more faster it loads. In layman terms, bandwidth is nothing but the measurement that will tell you how good is your site at handling a sudden rise in traffic to your site. You need to be careful in analyzing the bandwidth of your site. This could be an approximate calculation from the budget you have planned for your advertisements. Simple! The more you advertise, the more is your traffic! you will be able to get to an approximate number for your site and choose the webhosting plan based on that. Further, you should consider the number of images on your site that would be loaded when a visitor visits your site. The more the visitors, the more bandwidth you require!

3. Support:

The third main factor that comes to my mind is the quality of support the webhosting company provides you. You might choose a company that is overseas! Will they respond to your calls and mails? What if they don't? You will be in trouble and your business will be in trouble. You will fail to provide the best solutions for your customers. To make sure this doesn't happen, make sure the webhosting company provides proper support through toll free numbers, responding to emails with best answers and not obfuscating or evasive answers,prioritizing your issues properly by raising tickets (aka incidents) with proper priority and show that they are continuously improving the way they provide service to you. You can review about a company online. But just by reviewing it you will not be able to choose the best webhosting company. You will have to do some home works on that by yourself.

4. Price:

Many of us will have this factor as the primary when it comes to choosing the best webhosting companies. Even if it sounds better for the first time, this might take you to the wrong path. you need to have a balance between everything, say, space, bandwidth,support, price etc and should not choose the provider just by looking at the price they provide. Consider all the above factors and compare the webhosting companies and do some home work yourself and choose the best webhosting company. To make this work easy for you, MyBrainStock will be publishing articles on various best rated webhosting companies from which you can choose on for you that suits your business rather than only your budget!

5. Other factors:

Webhosting companies provide you  with a lot of other services and offers like unlimited email accounts, Google Adwords credit, e-commerce, SEO etc and promises like money back guarantee. It's up to your needs to choose and go for them. Of course you can go for them without compromising above factors, as they are added benefits for your business

So I will be posting articles about the best webhosting companies soon. Go and get started with your website plan and let us host it on the best servers!

Recommended Best Webhosting Companies:
1. Lunarpages
2. iPage

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Be A Leader


Suppose you are the leader of a team in your workplace or institution and let us say, you have around thirty to forty people working under you and you have a manager above you, who is your boss. I am going to tell you some points to fine tune yourself to become a successful leader. As a leader, your primary objective should be to stand out of the rest of your team and to be a role-model for everyone. As everybody knew, a leader should not only be the best performer of the team but also the best motivator for his team. You should keep this in mind. Interact with your team members often, no matter how big your team is. Do it through e-mail, mobile or personally based on your team size. Solve their problems then and there and do not let the problems accumulate. Solving problems shows your responsiveness and responsibility you take for your team members. Responding to a person is the best way to create love and respect for you in his heart.


You must respond to each and everyone of your team as quick as possible and find a positive solution for every problem. You must be approachable and always create an amicable environment around you and should not let people hesitate to talk approach you. Always post statements which are reflexive. Instead of saying, "You didn't tell me.", you can say, "I did not know it".

If your team fails, say, "I am responsible". Be accountable and responsible for your team. Reply with unambiguous and explicit answers for questions posted to you. Your answer should be 'yes' or 'no' or any clear atomic statement rather than evasive and ambiguous statements. Do not ask for excuse for your failure. The world will never accept excuses. Just say, "I am sorry, I failed. I am responsible".

Time management is an essential factor that could provoke you at times. You need to know how to schedule time for your own works and your team's works.You must be a proper communication channel between your manager and team members or else you will be in trouble.When you deal with your manager, always trash your ego and apologize for your mistakes. Ask him to correct you and behave like a learner. Mark of a leader is, of course, humility. And last but not least, as soon as you get the 'Team Leader' label, just forget it that moment. I mean, do not call yourself, "I am a leader", but instead change the label and say to yourself, "I am just a sincere and responsible worker for my team" because the former statement has the evil power to concentrate your superiority complex and spoil your career, beware!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Improve Your Vocabulary in English- Learn the Most Important ‘Oxford 3000’ Words

If you are novice in vocabulary or even if you are above that level, you have something important to learn. You may be a student, a manager, a business man, or anybody else, there are few words that are used most commonly in your areas of work and it is vital that you are aware of those words. Oxford 3000 provides you a list of 3000 most commonly used words in the areas of Business and Management, Economics, Science, Technology, Arts etc. I would say here is a very good direction for you to learn the words in a meaningful way instead of just learning words randomly, maybe using your dictionary or the’s ‘word of the day’. If you are familiar with all these words, I am sure that your confidence level will boost up and you will be able to present your ideas in the most efficient and exceptional way to others in presentations, seminars, meetings, exams, mails etc. says that “The keywords of the Oxford 3000 have been carefully selected by a group of language experts and experienced teachers as the words which should receive priority in vocabulary study because of their importance and usefulness”

I recommend you this because, in addition to my experience with these words, we all know the standard of oxford dictionaries and the credibility they had built. Now is the time! Go for it today and take your vocabulary to great heights.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Review on the book 'Discover The Diamond In You' By Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

Another pretty good book by you professor! Thanks. It will take you an hour to complete the book. Fore worded by the start Sharukh Khan, the book speaks about success and how one can discover himself or herself and shine like a diamond in his/her life. The book gives you some crispy solution to achieve greatness in your life and it tells you this with a lot of case studies. Hmmm, my general knowledge improved a bit !!! :)

It has something similar to his previous book 'Count your chickens before they hatch' but, that book was more centered on our career and there was no personal touch whereas this book has some personal touch. It talks more about the personal life of various people who struggled to achieve what they dreamt.

Of course, this book helps you in your career development too but in an entrepreneurial perspective rather than from an employee's perspective.

If you are starting your career and had not read such motivating books then, you can go for it. If you are a philosopher or a strict follower of Robin Sharma or Chetan Bhagat, then I would say, there is nothing special for you here. You will find the same stuff here but at least it might help you to refresh the same old thoughts by increasing the energy and remind you that you should be on the right track with the same spirit as when you started!!!