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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Said Personality Development doesn't mean Physical Fitness?



When I say personality development, people perceive it as improving one’s soft skills and leadership skills. But, there is something more than these. Personality development also includes one’s physical status too. It is a combination of physical and mental health. I uphold the importance of physical fitness since mental fitness relies on physical fitness. Of course this is a bit more than the cliché, “Sound mind is sound body”.

When you lack physical strength, you will lack the most essential quality that each and every young mind should possess. Without this quality an individual cannot lead or he cannot be a leader. That is ‘confidence’. Try this activity if you had not tried it before. Work out in a gym daily and analyze yourself after a couple of weeks. You will definitely feel the difference that it would make in you. You will feel the increase in confidence level. You will walk confidently inside your office without minding about what your colleagues would think about your appearance. You will know that you will look better than before. You will feel the increase in strength while giving a firm hand shake to people and would feel proud of your strength when people say, “Hey your hands are rough”. You will feel the freshness in your face. Everything adds up to your confidence which in turn reflect in the productivity of your personal and professional life.

Permanent happiness never comes to you without pain. Get up early in the morning. Start to work out from tomorrow! Keep the spirit alive always!
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