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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If You Wait For Someone To Help You, You Will Not Stop Waiting

When I was a child I saw people helping each other during adverse situations which included monetary and moral support. Even now I remember the innocence in the faces of all my relatives and friends. We never bothered to visit a relative’s house and disturb him anytime asking for help. They were ready to help with open arms. But, as time passed, things changed. I can see the change in attitude of the people and the disappearance of the innocence which was lighting their faces. This experience is not only for me but also for everybody in and around me, including you, the reader of this article.

Now, getting things done from someone has become a quite difficult task. People started to expect a lot in return for their help. We cannot blame them since the economic condition is so bad which leads them to such a situation. They have their own busy schedules, and commitments. Getting someone’s time has become difficult, unlike olden days, when people enjoyed the days together no matter how close they are with each other.

As a leader, the lesson I want you to learn from this is, try to do most important works by yourself rather than relying on someone else. After all, you are not going to pay them for their time and effort for you. Don’t be disappointed by this statement. Time and Effort are scarce resources nowadays!
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