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Friday, January 7, 2011

I Understood Why My Teacher Asked Me To TakeUp Initiatives

When I was in my college my teacher always insisted us to organize some functions periodically. She asks us to give opportunity to everyone in the class. The turn comes to each and everyone and during his/her turn, one has to lead the entire class in achieving something together as a team, like organizing functions or completing a technical project together. Those days we did everything without knowing the fruitful results that they would bring us in our future. We knew that it would be useful for us but now, I am sure all of my friends would have seen the benefits in front of their eyes. Taking up initiatives looks easier than it actually is. When you do something on your own you are exposed to problems and you will be pushed to situations to solve those problems by your own thereby learn lessons for your future.

When I took up my first initiative of organizing a function, there was a big fight among us just for choosing a name for the function. It killed a couple of days in solving this problem itself. Now I know how to start and what to avoid. Next time, for my second initiative, I will not do the same mistake. This is how we need to learn. We need to keep on refining our methodologies in handling problems. As days pass, the lessons should add up to our methodology and make it as perfect as possible. I will tell a simple example. When you organize an activity, the key success of the activity lies in the delegation process. You, as a leader, should be very careful in choosing people to assign appropriate task to them. You cannot give me a design work just like that. I will not do it. I have interest in computer maintenance. I will do it more efficiently than the design work. I learnt the art of assigning tasks to appropriate persons from my college functions where I use to assign it perfectly as I knew my friends personally well. If one is good in drawing and passionate about it, I assign the art work and the design part of the activity. If he is good in photography I give him an opportunity to do a video documentation of the activity. If a guy is good in speaking and bargaining, I send him to buy all the items for the activities there by I can reduce the cost of conducting the activity. This is how management works. Simple!

If you look deep into this, you can see that, everybody gets a challenging task, which is something bigger than what actually they do usually. They will have a satisfaction of work and they will not lose their spirit till the end of the activity. I can complete the activity successfully. Win-win situation! There are lots and lots of lessons to be learned from this. Those are hidden lessons to be explored by you. It can be explored only if you take up an initiative and start to lead! All the best!
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