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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't Cut The Cake Till The Last Guest Comes In

The success of any leadership lies in how good are we in getting a place in others' hearts. The way we treat and handle people in various situation counts. Only our actions can showcase our personality to others which in turn affects the relationship that people like to have with us. If your friends think you as a humble and approachable person, then it is more likely that they share everything with you without any hesitation. That approachable quality is essential in any leadership. If you lack this quality then you will fail to understand the real feelings of your people which will lead to a poor leadership.

Now, I am writing this post to emphasise on one particular quality that every leader should possess. This quality is the one which is going to differentiate you from the rest of the leaders. It is 'Respecting Individuality' or in other words, considering every individual around you as a precious gift. I would explain this to you with an example.

I can take an example of a small meeting. Let us say, you have called all your friends for a meeting and some of your friends are ready in front of you waiting for you to break the silence. But, one of your friends had already called you in phone and informed you that he would be late for the meeting because of some personal problems. What would you do now? Will you just start the meeting? NO, It is better not to start it immediately.  There are people out there who don't even come for the meeting. But, this guy has made all his efforts to make sure he is in the meeting. Spending one's time is not an easy task. He must have sacrificed something to come to your meeting. How are you going to show the gratitude? First choice should be to wait for him as that would demonstrate the way you treat him. Before deciding this, you may ask your friends who are waiting with you, if they are comfortable with the decision. If they are not, then it is good to call your friend who is on the way, and let him know the status of the meeting and apologise to him for starting the meeting before his arrival. This will demonstrate the respect you show towards him and your quality of considering each and every person as precious individual. Next time, if you schedule a meeting, I am sure, the person who comes late today will be the first to enter the meeting room.

This might seem to be simple and uninteresting. But, it teaches you a lot. Leaders are not people who are sitting at the top, being unreachable and giving directions to their fellow beings. But, they are people who are always available to each and every fellow beings in such a way that everybody should think that his/her leader is solely for him/her. I had already told you about this in one other post. This way of treating people is similar to a word called 'virtualization' in computer science. Virtualization means, a system which handles millions of people would behave extremely personalised to each and every user in such a way that every user would think that the system had been made only for him/her. An ATM can be taken as an example. Leaders are people who will make their team think that they are only for them...!
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