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Friday, January 7, 2011

Did You Note Down The Blood Bank Number From Yesterday's Newspaper?

Usually when we read newspaper, we just read the news and trash the paper forgetting the valuable information that it possesses. Tricks to solve problems, important emergency contact numbers, health care information, information about free education, government policies etc and the list goes on. We never bother about them but when a problem knocks our door, we realize our mistake but it would have been too late. Here, I want to emphasize the importance of developing contacts. In other words, a leader should know as many people as possible. A leader has to decide on whom to contact in period of emergency. Emergency doesn't blow whistle before it comes. We need to be ready with our precautionary measures.

People have an attitude of negligence until they meet with the problem. Especially people in India never think about precaution but are happy to face the problems and suffer. In case your friend meets with an accident and you are on the spot. Whom do you contact? Alright! It is a common issue which most of us meet, so, you would know. Alright, I will give you one other situation. Suppose you face corruption in a government or private office. How are you going to tackle this? Do you know whom to contact? Ok A bit more difficult situation... Suppose you fight for your rights at a railway station. Do you know the latest policies by the railways that would speak for you in that situation? Do you have any railways rule list in your brain to threaten your opponent? There are lots and lots of problems are around us. We may not when they would come to us and trouble us. We need to be aware of all the ways through which we
can manage the problems, if not solve them!

Any new contacts today?!!!
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