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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Commit All Possible Mistakes When They Are Affordable

We all make mistakes but, it really matters where we do this. There are places where your mistakes are forgiven and there are places where you are not expected to make a mistake. You cannot completely insulate you from making mistakes but, you can always make sure that your mistakes are committed under a forgivable environment, from which you can learn and be ready to solve new problems which are similar to problems you had met already.

I will brief this with an example. Imagine, you are a college student and you are asked to give a presentation on one of your interested subjects. While presenting, your professor finds out that the statistics you presented in the PowerPoint seems to be wrong. Will you be punished for this? Will this affect your image among your friends? Never. Your mistake is forgiven in that situation. It is affordable. Nobody is going to question you and punish you severely. Your institution is a place to make mistakes and learn from them.

Now, imagine a different scenario, where you are supposed to give a business presentation to your client and you commit an error in your statistics!!! I don't think this is affordable. You will have to pay a huge penalty for this mistake. This may affect your credibility and the reputation of your organization. Had you committed this mistake already, you wouldn't have committed it now. So, search for problems, commit mistakes at the earliest, when it is affordable.
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