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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turn Your Website Into A Business Model

In the previous article, I explained you the importance of starting a website and get your hands on to the online business world. I also asked you to wait for a business model for your website. It's time to do some research into the revenue generating part of your lovable website. Websites can be of two types, say, they sell manufactured products or sell intangible content. Quite simple! Isn't it? When I say intangible content, it includes, articles, photos, videos, and other stuff. If you are selling a tangible product through your website, you can just skip this article as this article is only for someone who sell their content or plan to sell content because they are not going to manufacture anything. I would appreciate if you continue to read since you will find something useful for your business.


Now, how can you generate revenue from a website which has some hundreds of articles, tutorials and other stuff? Either you can build a payment wall for your content by asking your visitors to pay for accessing your content or you can just let them access it for free and you can earn from a different route. I would recommend the second one as hardly people like to pay for content. Alright, now what is that different route which can bring you money without charging your visitors? The answer is ADVERTISEMENTS.  You can place someone else advertisements in your site which would pay you much for your living. There are millions out there to pay you for placing their advertisements on your site so that they get benefited. This is a win-win situation.

There are different kinds of advertisements. They are given some attractive names and they come in different forms and follow different payment methods. I will brief about each now.


Once your website becomes popular, people would jostle each other to advertise in your website and they will be ready to pay a huge amount for a small button image of their company name in your site. You need to contact the advertiser and get the text or images to be displayed in your site and publish it in your site to get paid periodically based on your contract. This is direct advertising. Apart from this, there are other ways of advertising, where an agency is in between the advertiser and the publisher. Advertisers register themselves to those agencies and ask them to publish their images and text ads. This agency, in turn, gives those content to publishers like you to publish it and get paid for it. Your payment will be received from the agency and there would be no contact between the advertiser and the publisher.

Now, if you don't like to wait for your site to become popular or you don't want to have direct contact with the advertisers, it is better to go for the indirect advertising programmes which I will explain now.


In pay-per-click advertising, you are given with some text and image advertisements and you need to publish those in your website and you will get paid whenever a visitor of your website clicks on the advertisement. You will be paid in cents for each click. It may even go up to a couple of dollars or even more. Programs like this are provided by Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, etc


In affiliate programs, the advertiser's products are displayed in your website and if someone clicks it from your website and purchase the product, you will be eligible for a commission for that sale. There are hundreds of such programs out there online and the only thing is, you have to choose a program based on the theme of your website. Websites like Amazon, eBay, provides such programs.


There are some amazing affiliate programs which not only pay us whenever our site leads to a sale for them but also whenever that particular customer lead by us renew their subscription every year with our advertiser. This will give us a long term income. Some sites like Lifetime commissions, provide this program.
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