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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ten Points To Become a Perfect Individual

You might have heard statements claiming a guy or a girl to be perfect and you might have wondered what perfection means. Most of the time we hear this word and of course we had some eagerness to know what is perfection and how to be perfect and whom to call a perfect guy or girl.

Well, you are here to understand what perfection is. Here are ten points for you to become perfect in your life.These points are not just words but are essence of ideas that has the power to give much more meaning to your valuable life. Please consider each and every word of the following statements that you are going to see. You will understand the importance once you analyse them deeply. No big deals, they are simple points to remember. Okay, here we go.


The most commonly used word but only a few, who are destined to greatness, understand the importance of this word and follow it in their lives. Don't just think this as a common word uttered by people around you, but this is the one which constructs the base for your perfection. If you lack confidence, you lack everything. confidence is having the attitude of a winner. You should have the "can-do" attitude. You should never ever fear for silly things on the earth.You should say, "I can do it","It is after all simple","If others can do why can't me?". Having this base set, you can move to the next point.


The next point is passion and concentration. Don't do things because you have to. Do it with passion and concentration. Converge your entire energy on that single work. I have written a separate post on the importance of focus in my blog. If you play the game of football, you should have point #1, that is confidence and then point #2. You should play with passion and concentration and should not let your mind to divert to something else.


The next most important point is the very famous 'love'. Love yourself, love what you do, love what you see. That is it for success. Love everything. Then comes humbleness. People always love to interact with humble minds. People who are wise are always humble and they don't need advertisements for their knowledge. It will be revealed in appropriate times. This is the only life you have and in that, keep yourself and others happy. Each and every second is passing in your life and try to create love and happiness around you. Please do not let your life to be a money driven one. Spend time with someone who means a lot to you.


Humour should be a part of your habit. Only if you express humour, you will be approachable. People should not be afraid to come and talk to you. Condescend down to any level and talk with friendliness. Whoever it may be, respect them as they are also human being like you. Put their shoes and treat them as you want others to treat you. In this busy and stressful life, the only thing that is going to keep you fresh is smile.


Here comes the next wonderful term called 'leadership'. This is the quality that can keep you moving up your career ladder. A leader is the one who can manage others and can be managed by any other. A leader has all the qualities of points from #1 to #4. He is lovable and can talk to different persons in different ways to influence them and get the work done.


The next most important point that most of us lack is the 'balance' in everything. You need to know how to balance your work and personal life. You should know how to balance you time. You should know to prioritize things, like, what should be done first according to that situation. You should never be at the extremes like sticking on to the same strategy for work and home. You should know how to treat family members, friends, peers, seniors, labours and many others.


You must have a learner's attitude in your life. You should respond to what others say. You should receive and interpret what others say to you. A know-it-all will spoil your career and will drop you from the minds of people around you. Always have a open mind for learning anything. Keep your mind cups empty to fill something in it anytime.


One more important point that would make you stand apart from others is to keep the spirit alive always. You should never get bored of or fed up with what you do. Do it with passion till you achieve it. For example, if you start to exercise from today with a group of ten friends, you will find the decreasing count as days pass. At last hardly a couple of would still have the spirit in you and only that two will reap the benefit of being physically fit. This is what I call keeping spirit alive.


One obstacle that always stops us from achieving something big is thinking about the consequence of failure. What others would think if I fail? Don't let this bother you anymore. Do your duty, success will follow you. Never ever worry what others think about you. They have their own problems to deal with.


Self-analysis or introspection is the key to success. Know about yourself. Tune yourself to perfection day by day. Sit and analyse what you did today. Don't worry for failure. See it as a lesson that you had learnt to correct yourself or tune yourself to perfection. Analyse your mistakes daily and make sure they never occur in the future. Continuous improvement is something like, if you can do 25 push ups today, make sure it does not go below 25 tomorrow!
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