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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Boss Wants Me To Give A Presentation

People are comfortable in learning things but when it comes to presentation, they just think that it is something out of their comfort zone. But that is not true. By practice, you will get to know the fact that presentation is as easy as learning and also the fact that presentation skills are not in-borne but could be acquired through practice. In this article, I will explain the do's and don'ts of presentation, which is going to help you in your forthcoming presentation sessions.


When you get ready for a presentation, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is, plan your presentation. Ask for the duration of the presentation and plan the content accordingly and the content should fit into the given period of time. Mind about the audience and prepare your content accordingly. Your audience might be professionals, students, managers, teachers or laymen. Your preparation should grab their attention towards you and your session shouldn't bore anybody in the presentation hall. Be prepared to say some anecdotes, or small case studies to explain a theoretical concept. Your content should be well organised and when you speak, you should reflect the same by giving an organised speech. Before entering the hall make sure you look fresh with a neat dress and a smiling face.


Before you start the presentation, make your audience comfortable by asking questions about their breakfast or lunch accordingly. This will let them think that you are a comfortable person to approach rather than a rough guy or girl. Ask your audience to give a short introduction about themselves and bring some humour into the frame. After that, when you introduce yourself, you need to show them your expertise in the subject to be discussed by giving some attractive statistics about your experience in the subject, your awards, achievements etc. This will bring interest in the audience's minds to listen to your words. Before starting the presentation, clearly brief the purpose of the presentation in a crispy manner. Express your thoughts to the point. It is very important to set the theme of the presentation before starting. After this, demonstrate the benefits that they would be getting from this presentation. This will increase the interest of the listeners on your presentation. Use some attractive words to describe the benefits that they are going to get.

The words that you use to represent your ideas are very much important in a presentation. Appropriate words are extremely important for a presentation. The presentation might be a technical presentation or a business presentation or any other kind of presentation but the appropriate words must be used to address the subject of discussion. Don't speak fast. Speak in an audible voice. Try not to repeat a particular word as it would become funny. Make your presentation more interactive by encouraging the audience to answer rather than just presenting your ideas in a one way manner. Encourage them to take notes as it is human nature to forget things soon. If it is not a very big presentation hall, just keep walking back and forth from the stage to the last row as you continue with the presentation and you can even sit with the audience for a while during the presentation. This will show them that you are a human being and not an alien who came down from another planet.

When you present your ideas, try to give as many relevant statistics as much as possible and be very specific about your facts and ideas. For example, if you want to tell about a survey, don't just say, like, an university conducted a survey where....etc etc.. You need to specify the exact name of that university, the place, the survey team's name etc.. This will show your confidence and knowledge in that particular subject. Bring humour into the subject which would make them laugh and lets you and your audience keep going together. If something goes wrong with the audience's behaviour, you must be capable of getting the session back on track. This is one of the most essential qualities that a leader should possess to become a good presenter.


Complete the presentation, and wait for queries and wipe out the ambiguity in the audience's minds. Give feedback forms and encourage them to fill out what they really think about you. Give your contact number or email to let them contact you demonstrating that you are really approachable.
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