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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just 3 Steps For Physical Fitness

I have been dealing with physical fitness for the past 7 years and I have given lot of fitness tips and training to my friends and of course it worked well. I don't train commercially but just friendly. OK, now here we go.
Is there anyone on this earth who doesn't want to be attractive and physically fit? Certainly none. We all dream a lot but do we work for our dreams? Do we really put some effort to make our dreams come true? Only a handful of us do that. Those who did put efforts reaped the benefits. Now, you are here to see how this does work.

When you fire a query on physical fitness in Google search you will find thousands of weight training materials, fitness guides, pills for fat reduction which are Greek and Latin. You will be confused to choose one from thousand and even the situation worsens if you ask a group of people. Each one would post his or her unique option which would reduce your possibility of narrowing down to one good option. Now, What if, you have a common strategy that works for all, irrespective of their weight, height, health condition, to be physically fit? Yes, this is what you are going to learn now. I will try to keep things simple. No big deals, the following are the three steps I am talking about,


that's it. Is it not simple compared to all those pills, training materials and fitness guides? It's not a prediction, remember, it is an essence of reality that I found from my long 7 years of work outs.
Now, I will tell you who should do what. If you are a young guy below 30, then it's good to go with all the three. If you are too fat then start your work out just by walking for an hour at least a day. Then gradually do half walk and half run. Then migrate to complete running. From running, I mean to say jogging or slow running. If you are above 30 then consult with a physician to choose between walk or run. This initial step is common for all ladies and gentlemen on the earth irrespective of their age and body condition. Running will not only reduce your fat content but also keeps you away from heart attack and various other health hazards.

The second and third steps are for the active young guys and girls, for which I assume people below 30. Push ups and pull ups are the most amazing and natural exercises that give you a petty good result which last long forever. If you do weight trainings in gym for a period of 6 months and if one day, due to work constraints you are forced to stop the work out for a month, then your body would loose strength and shape.

 You would feel the weakness soon since you are training had trained it artificially rather than naturally. Do you think there were sophisticated Gyms in olden days where warriors and soldiers practiced? No. Their trainings were natural. Even now in defence, they follow the natural strategy like mountain climbing, push ups, pull ups, running with a bag weighing 25 kilogram rather than sitting in a gym with dumb bells to train their biceps. Do as many pull ups and push ups as possible. Girls has a separate style for doing this.

The third step is an optional one. It is for guys and girls who want a flat stomach. Start gradually by doing 10 for each set up to 3 sets and increase up to your capability. This is also for guys who loves to have six packs. That's it for fitness. You must do anything and everything gradually. Don't do 50 push ups on the first day. you can't wake up the next morning. Change should be injected into your body gradually since I always insist on natural way of doing things. You must keep in mind that nothing will come to you overnight. You have to work hard and sacrifice something to get something.

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