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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Do You Need FOCUS?

I have seen people posting a lot of reasons for their failure in achieving their goals and more often than not, they blame the so called ‘fate’. Some ridiculous statements posted by them make one to think that, these guys never walk their talk. Most people just talk but don’t do what they talk and they give a lot of excuses and reasons for their incapability. They never analyze the cause for the failure and try to rectify it. In software industry, we call it as root cause analysis, which can be applied to a real life problem also. Without analyzing the root cause of a problem, people just mull over the top layer of the problem and having thought that it would not be possible for them to solve, they leave the scene. Their conclusion will not only affect them but also the future generations who would also follow the same solution given by their ancestors.


Well, what is that root cause, which makes people to fail in their attempts, even if it goes to tens of attempts? I’ve the answer for this question and you would be surprised to see that simple answer. In most cases, the root cause was, LACK OF FOCUS. Quite simple, isn’t it? Yes, of course, but it has tons of meaning in it. Don’t think ‘FOCUS’ as a usual word uttered by your father, mother or your teacher. They say because they knew the importance of the word and now, you will also come to know why I emphasize on ‘FOCUS’.


Let me explain you with a simple example. Suppose you have a task to be completed in ten days and you’ve started to work on it from today. You have a very good plan with you to execute it so that you can finish it well before the deadline. During this ten day tenure, think of the number of obstacles and temptations that might drag you out of your path and drive you away from your goal. Your friends might call you for a party or tour which might kill a couple of days. One of your relatives might fall ill and you might be the person to take care of him/her. Your girl friend would need some time from your schedule to spend with her. Apart from all these external obstacles, you would have some internal temptations to spoil your work. Your favorite novel would be waiting for you with the last chapter to be completed. You might be dreaming of the brand new Yamaha that is going to be delivered to you in a couple of days. And no doubt, the dream of what would happen if you complete your task successfully. You would dream as if you completed the task successfully and your boss is appreciating you in front of your colleagues with a pack of a thousand bugs. Amidst all these obstacles, how are you going to stay focused on your task? Is it possible for you? Or is it possible for anyone? Yes, it is possible, but, it is your talent to make it possible for you. The one who gets through amidst all these obstacles deserves to have the title, ‘WINNER’. He will reap the benefits for the hard work he made to fight these obstacles and temptations. After all, his FOCUS would give him what he wanted.


I always try to explain you from a philosophical perspective. Simple concepts can be used to determine bigger theories. That’s why you learn mathematical induction. That’s why you write a simple computer program before writing a complex one. The point here is both are going to work in a similar way, so with a small sample you can frame the entire theory, no matter, whatever size may be the program. In the similar fashion, by observing simple things you would be able to derive amazing truths and realities. I will tell you an example to make you understand the importance of focus from a simple example. If you cut an apple with a sharp knife, you can cut it easily than with a blunt one. Do you know why? Science gives you the answer. In case of sharp knife, pressure is applied at a particular point, whereas in blunt knife, it is distributed and not focused at a particular point. This simple thing will help you in deriving an amazing theory which is,”If you focus all your concentration on a particular work, you will get through”.

Even meditation follows the same principle. During meditation, you will face a lot of obstacles which are in the form of images that would not let you focus on a particular point. In spite of all these obstacles, one who focuses his mind will reap the benefits. I tell you, there is no better medicine in this world than meditation. It has the power to fine-tune your body and soul to perfection. It has the solution for all your problems. This is the one which our ancient saints were trying to teach us. In all their messages to mankind, there will be a direct or indirect reference to meditation. If I talk about meditation, I need some tens of posts to explain you. Now, all I want you to take home is just ‘FOCUS’.
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