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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain Water Takes The Color And Quality Of Soil It Falls On


Long back, somewhere I read, "to make a child into a footbal player, you need to make him see football everywhere". This means, it is our duty to mix him with game gradually. This is done by asking him to carry a football wherever he goes, pasting posters of football players playing on the ground with passion, making him interact with football players to make him learn. If you want to shape your child the way you want, don't tell him; just shape him without making him aware that that is your intention. Why I am saying this is because, when he learns things naturally, instead of learning for some purpose, his mind would be trained better than you have expected. I always insist people to do things in a natural way. Similarly, if you want to become a great leader and excel in your career, you need to mix yourself with leaders. It matters with whom you go around with, with whom you talk and learn.

Generally speaking, if you want to learn things in a better way, catch a big fish in that particular field and go around with him wherever he goes and watch and learn whatever he does and speaks. If you learn this way, you would learn things quickly, which you would have learnt after an year, if you had started it by yourself without a guidance.

A leader can lead better when he learns from the mistake of his seniors. Always go around with leaders, talk with them and learn from them. Try to avoid bad company, which may ruin your career by diverting you from your career path. Be careful in choosing people and that too, friends because they mean a lot for you. It is useless to worry after somebody hit hard on your head with a brick. The world will identify you with the kind of friends you roam around. Thousands are out there to criticize you; don't give way for them to make their job easy. The importance of good company is well said by the great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, in his book 'Thirukkural',
As rain water takes the color and quality of soil it falls
on, wisdom is moulded by quality of one's company.
Look at the beautiful comparison he makes with the rain water. It all depends on with whom we live with all the day. And he also tells us how one can acquire purity of thoughts. Thiruvalluvar says,
Purity of thought and action has its origin in the integrity
and merits of the society one moves with and lives in.
He talks about the imporatant traits of a good leader. A leader, needs purity and clarity in his thoughts and actions, as you knew, one of the most important qualities of a good leader is honesty. It never comes to people easily. It comes only from the way an individual was brought up. It depends on the people with whom he lived with. So, having good leaders with you, always helps you in achieving your goal with ease and also helps you much when you face adverse situations which you cannot handle.
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