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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learn From Others' Mistakes

Learning from mistakes is a key to success for a leader. This is a well known fact. A leader has to analyse his mistakes and work on himself to make sure that the next time it doesn't happen. Alright. If one has to learn from his own mistakes alone, then it would take hundreds of years for him to learn something. Then he has to confront all the problems on the earth to learn the necessary lesson. The point I am trying to make here is, please learn from others' mistakes. This is a 're-use era'. There is a lot of meaning in this sentence and I am going to give some useful examples to make this point clear.

You are facing a lot of problems in your day to day life from a small AC repair to a big mistake in your office document and many more. You might have problems with your girl friend, your parents, friends or in office. Do you think, you are the one who has all these problems? Do you think that these problems are unique to you? Never. Almost all the problems had been faced and solutions had been recorded in peoples' minds, books, blogs, social networking sites. You just have to make use of it. Even the great leadership guru Robin Sharma says this in his first best selling book.

Why do our elders are very eager to advise the younger generation? They don't want them to make the same mistakes that they had done when they where young. Whenever elders express their opinion on an issue, don't forget to listen to it as you might get a better solution than your solution for a problem you are currently facing. Of course, one of the leadership traits is listening and responding to your fellow beings.

Even in management studies, why should they go for case studies rather than mere theory subjects? A Case study is an essence of ideas that carry a solution to a particular problem. As I told you, every issue has been resolved and in near future the probability of occurence of a unique problem is zero. People, who resolved, are ready to happily disclose their solutions to you. Why not you take it? Go out for peolpe, autobiographies, blogs to observe the experience of others so that you will not put you or your family in risk. Suppose, you want to buy a car and if you never consult with others for their experience then you not only put yourself under risk but also your family.

Don't think that discovering a solution to each and every problem by yourself is like achieving something great! You are putting yourself into tuff times. Trying everything by yourself and then learning from that is not a good idea for this generation which adopts to changes quicker than the previous did. If you want your child to be a perfect individual, you can't just leave him to experience everything and learn. If so, then what is the point in caring him? Why do you need to advise him? To make him perfect, let him learn some lessons by himself but there are some lessons which you have to sit and teach.
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