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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Information Technology Skills Are Part Of Your Soft Skills

Information technology has become a part of our life. Nowadays, people are dependent on IT directly or indirectly. You pay your electricity bill from your home, purchase products online, book tickets in a single click without waiting in a long queue, get information about whatever you want around the world just by sitting in a room. It's IT which made all these possible. The Indian government is trying to educate people through IT by harnessing its power. In short I would say, it's all about computers. I told you all those examples to make you understand the importance of IT and in turn, computers.

Alright, now let's come to our own life. Are you using your computer as much as you can? Are you aware of what your computer can do for you, for your friends, for your education, for your business? I am asking this because, most of us would be searching a solution for our problem without noticing that a great solution is very near to us.  Yes, computers and IT can give you beautiful solutions and you just have to search and use them. So, I would say, to be a person with best soft skills, you need to acquire IT skills also. IT skills are part of soft skills in this IT dependant world.

From the word 'IT skills', I don't ask you all to go and learn C, JAVA and all those programming stuff. I want you all to familiarise yourself with the basic tools used in day to day life. You need to know how to create a Word document, how to create your personal budget template in a spreadsheet, how to create a PowerPoint presentation for your students, how to send a mail, how to transfer money online, how to purchase products online, how to edit or beautify your own photograph in your computer, and more. The list goes on. Apart from this you can also use the free tools available online to create your own website for free and can boost your business. By creating a website, you are exposed to a huge market of around 1,802,330,457 people in the world online and of course, the count increases day by day.

The social networking sites like twitter,facebook,orkut, helps you in sharing your personal thoughts with others. You can even make money online by signing up lot of money making programmes online for no cost. You can also discuss your problems with a lot of people, who are facing the same problem or have found a solution for the problem.  You don't have to depend on anyone for any information as search engines like Google or Yahoo! comes in handy for you. You have thousands of quality tools available online free of cost for your use. All you have to do is, learn it and use it for your personal improvement. After all, I told you, IT skills are part of your soft skills.
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