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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plan For Achievable Goals

There are lot of statements to keep your confidence level high, like, "Nothing is impossible in this world", "Even impossible says i m possible" etc. Good to hear! These are statements to boost your confidence so that you can reach your achievable goals. Thinking that everything is possible in this world, one should not indulge in activities and goals which are really impossible because, there are things which are really impossible. Man cannot defeat nature. You might dream to become the richest man in the world within a month, or become a body builder overnight, but you will fail because you knew that they are impossible. Why I am saying this is to make you understand a very important concept for your life. That is
"Set measurable and achievable goals after assessing your strength".

The point has a lot to tell you from its side. A leader is the one who is capable of analysing the actions and the consequences of those actions to act accordingly. He must be able to analyse his strengths and find a better way to improve it and then set the best goal for him which is achievable with his out-of-box planning. A leader has to plan rather than just dream. Anyone can dream, anyone can plan but only leaders will execute. And if something goes wrong in your plan, you must be able to pull yourself back on track to continue working for your goal.

The message that I want you to take home is, "Set a measurable goal which gives you satisfaction. Assess your strength and chalk out a plan to achieve the goal in shortest possible time. Execute the plan by working hard and diligent till you achieve your goal". Here, the point to be highlighted is planning. You may be a positive thinker, an optimist but things may go wrong anytime in your career path. You need to have that pessimistic attitude also to excel in your career. You need to know what would happen. Don't just blindly do anything without a plan or without analysing the consequences at least to some extent so that if the consequences bother you later, you could handle easily. In his book 'Thirukkural', the great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar says,
Those who do not assess their might, but overshoot
on ambition, invariably fall out on the way.
He demonstrates the importance of assessing one's strength and then acting accordingly through those beautiful lines. And also he says that it is not good to put too much burden on yourself which is beyond your strength. He says this through the following lines,
Be it the feathery light peacock's flume, an excess
load breaks axle of the cart carrying it.
Look at the beauty of explaining things. Even if it is very light as feathers, you cannot carry in excess, more than what you can.
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