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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cultivate Human Relationship To Lead Better

When we make a decision, we think that we are always right. We are not aware of the fact that some decisions are out of our level and we need someone else to guide us in making those decisions. When you are in a position to lead a group of people, your decisions are going to directly impact their lives. The reason for not seeking guidance of the worthy might be two. Either you might not have good relations to ask or you never ask. Both of the reasons are highly dangerous to have one of them with you. If you are of this kind, then try not to follow this at least after reading this post.

Not every decision we make would be right. There are times when your decisions might go wrong and what if the impact could not be undone? You would be in a big trouble. Do you want to afford to such risks? Never do that. In such situations, the guidance of worthy people would help you a lot. They are always ready to take you in a right path and would not let you face tough times as they did. Think of the essence of knowledge you are going to get out of their experience without you getting hurt to learn that. You will get a lot of practical ideas that can be immediately implemented in your life to make it colorful. The importance of having relationship with elders is well said by a great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar in his book Thirukkural. He says,
To develop and cultivate friendship of the worthy, and
To follow their noble path is strength of strengths.
The relationship gives to strength and confidence to lead. You will not face the risk of misleading your team to failure. You will know the effect of your actions and how it’s going to affect all of you, as it is well measured. Even if you are good at making decisions, at least to make sure that your decision is right, you need the help of your elders who are proficient in your field. For example, I use to exercise daily and I have my own creative set of exercises which are different from what others usually do. But, I always had a doubt, what if something go wrong? Am I doing it in the right way? Then I started to make relationship with elders who had such experience in work outs and verified my work outs with them and I was happy that they are perfectly accepted to use. Now, my confidence level soared and I can practice it henceforth without the distraction of doubts. Even if someone asks me, I can lead them with my own methods without having fear of failure. This is a simple example to make everybody understand the importance. In his book ‘Thirukkural’, the great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar says,
The leader who has no regard for advice of the
Wise to play safe, leads his own way to ruin.

He asks the leaders to play safe with the help of elders by taking measurable risks, whose effects are well determined. So, start making friendship with worthy people. Nowadays, you are blessed with technology and you can make friendship with anyone in and around the world without even seeing them. Social networking sites and blogs make your job much easier. You can spend time in making good relationships through them.
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