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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keeping The Spirit Alive Will Make The Difference

I have heard people saying, "I will start doing exercise regularly from tomorrow". Some say, "I will start to prepare for my competitive examination from tomorrow". Some uncommon resolution would be, "From tomorrow, I am going to meditate, exercise, and read my syllabus regularly". But, how many of them followed their own attractive resolution? Not surprisingly they were a handful. We always try to boast ourselves by posting such statements in front of our friends and relatives, but hardly follow them till the end. One factor that can make you stand out of all your fellow beings is keeping the confidence, concentration and spirit alive till the end. Suppose you play soccer and you win a tough match, I say, only those three factors, confidence, concentration and spirit,  have helped you to grab the trophy. If you have got a very good physique then, I am sure it would be a reward for your hard work in ground or gym. It is the result for which you got up early in the morning and spent tough times at the ground when everybody had a sound sleep. Here also, those factors get into the frame. When you got through a competitive exam or an entrance exam or an exam for a job offer, then it would remind you your sleepless nights mulling over heavy weight books, which has rewarded you. That success is the product of your fighting till the end.

Whatever you do, do it with confidence. Then concentrate and continue with the same spirit till you finish it. Common people will give up after crossing half the ocean. But, to drink success, you need to continue your fight till you cross the ocean. The difference is how you handle the final moments. It depends on how cool and confident you are in adverse situations, which always come at last! Remember the three words, be confident, concentrate and continue, of course, in that order!
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