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Saturday, May 1, 2010

How To Balance Between Your Friends And Work?

In college, most of us preferred to be in the back benches as we could enjoy our college days with our close friends who were of our frequency. When the exams knocked at our doors, we would form groups among ourselves on the previous day of the start of the examinations and would plan to learn the whole night. We demonstrated our smiling face on the day when our exam results got published, as the marks would be more than enough for the kind of preparation we made. Gone are those beautiful days!!!


In our college days, we were inclined to socializing and not to knowledge acquisition. It doesn't mean that we didn't try to acquire knowledge but we gave higher priority to our friends, parties, and games rather than to our knowledge, books and exams. When we come to a workplace, everything changes. We would be surprised to see people talking seriously about work which we usually didn't do in our college days. The practices which we laughed at would become our day-to-day activities. We could not be in the back bench anymore.

I am not trying to threaten you, instead, I wish to make you understand that we need to have our own set of ethical rules to abide by, apart from workplace policies. It is inevitable for anyone who wants to be a leader. I will be happy if you stick to these rules even from your college. I don't insisting you to stop roaming around with friends, attending parties etc, but want to emphasize the importance of sticking to basic ethical rules and policies wherever you go. Work and friends: you need to know how to balance them. There lies the secret of success. Hello dude! come to the middle!!!
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