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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why Not Try To Utilize Others' Blog?

Gone are the days when people moved around the globe in search of a skilled consultant for their career or business. Nowadays, one can get any kind of information in a single mouse click. The arrival of Internet technology made our life much easier. Everybody started to create his or her own email id and I tell you, in the near future, each and everyone in this earth is gonna have an email account. Okay, what is the next revolution after email? Can you guess? I would say, It’s gonna be blogs. If this doesn’t surprise you, then I will tell you one more idea to surprise you. What can one do with his blog? Add his own content, invite friends, personalize the pages and advertise him. Have you ever thought how one can use others’ blogs cleverly? Probably, most of us use others blog as a tool for advertising our own blog. But, if you have a different perception for blogs, you will not only become a great problem solver and leader but also, a clever business man.


As I said before, blog revolution has begun and each one is gonna have a blog to showcase his or her personal and professional lives. Besides sharing their experiences online, bloggers will also respond to the questions posted by the viewers. This will not only enable a visitor to gain knowledge and experience that a blogger share with him, but also let him have a consultation for a free of cost!!! No blogger charges for answering questions. Blogger might be a manager, educational consultant, mentor, a project manager or even a CEO of a company. Think of, you’re gonna consult with such big fishes for a minimum or no cost!! Is it not one of the wonderful uses of a blog? And one more thing is that, if a blogger responds well, he will get more traffic for his blog and hence a win-win situation. It’s up to you to catch all those top guys’ blogs and chase them with your questions to become a good real-time problem solver and decision maker. It’s after all a business idea to cut your consulting cost!!!
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