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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Make Me Wait, It Provokes

One of the qualities you must possess to fine tune yourself to perfection is to let not anyone wait for you. May it be a business meeting or a personal meeting, making people to wait, will not only create a bad impression on you but also provokes them since they might have given you an appointment which would have cost some other important work. If you fly to reach the meeting place before them, then it will show your respect for them, your commitment for the work and therefore show yourself.

Even if you are very much interested in the meeting, your unpleasant action will carry a different thought to the audience. Only way is to express what you think, in your action. Let it be a miniature advertisement for you. In business or in personal life, a little advertising is necessary to grab the audience's heart. How can you express that you are very much interested in a meeting? Not merely through words, but through action. Suppose you arrange a meeting with a person. Reach the meeting place in time. At least pretend as if you were waiting for him. After he arrives, welcome him with a big smile such that the non-verbal action should carry an image to him that you are very much happy on seeing him. Depending upon his relation to you, you can hug, shake hands, or just smile. But, the goal is one and only one.
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