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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nothing Will Come Overnight

Often I find ludicrous statements, like, “short cut to achieve success”, “become a billionaire in a year”, “Speak English fluently in 30 days”, which not only provoke me but also make me think how people trust those ridiculous statements and approach the source that utter those statements. One must understand that there is nothing called a “short cut” for solving a problem in your life. You cannot master a beautiful language like English in 30 days. You cannot become a billionaire in 365 days. If you had seen someone becoming a billionaire in 365 days and deny what I say, then, probably he would be one among a billion, a rare case. You cannot anticipate the same thing happen to you.


Often you would have got bored on hearing the cliche, “Practice makes perfection”, which is uttered by most experienced human beings. Most of us would not have lent our ears to those words since they seem to be simple and to have a common meaning known to all. But, my question to you is, do you follow those words? Do you practice? ‘Practice’ is not a word reserved only for sports or your higher secondary mathematics exam, but it is for every problem that you confront in your day-to-day life.


“Change will be and should be gradual”. Take for example; the change occurs in our environment, mountains around us, trees, lakes, or even take our own body, change occurs very slowly.  Have you seen any one grown and stood as a giant near you in a single night, after drinking a famous energy drink that you see in daily advertisements?  Whatever you do to enrich your body’s muscles, nature has its own restrictions. Nothing will come to you overnight. You need to work on it for a long time and in fact gradually.

Why does Microsoft release various versions of Windows? Why don’t they just add all possible functionalities in a single pack and give it to you? It is not practically possible. The software must confront practical problems slowly, day-by-day and report for a solution. Then engineers start to fine tune the software to perfection releasing versions one by one. It is of course a gradual change.

Why do companies search for experienced candidates than fresh graduates?  Because, they have more exposure to problems. They would have faced more problems than a fresh graduate in their field. The more experience, the more exposure. When you expose to problems, you will find a similar problem in the future, easier to solve. You don’t need to toddle in solving those problems as you would not be new. This is what I say, practice with problems. Wherever you go, commit yourself with problems and dash yourself with problems. Day by day you will see how comfortable you are when you face new issues.

Learning a language like English is not just mulling over a book containing a thousand words and pushing those into your memory. It is not something that you can get through in a meager 30 days. It would take years to master such a language. You need to read a lot and bring out your own words to achieve the mastery. You need to develop reading, writing and speaking skills. Apart from these analytical skills are very much essential to enjoy reading. You know? I just have told you a handful. You need to cross the language ocean to familiarize the language to some extent. In such a case, how can you believe in a short cut method? No short cut for learning English, remember the mantra, “Change will be and should be gradual”

Have passion for learning new things, which would help you in climbing up the career ladder. Face your problems with confidence. Learn good characters from everyone and fine tune yourself to perfection. Become a lovable person by picking up the beautiful flowers as you walk through your life garden.
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