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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are You A Manager?

Today’s managers think that, a deep knowledge in their field alone would lead to good results. In particular, those who aspire to become managers of tomorrow, have some of the most unfortunate prejudices. They presume that a vertical knowledge in their own field, say for example, IT is enough for leading a very big organization thereby producing satisfying results. But, this is not true. Many philosophers speak about intellectuality. Having a vertical knowledge in a single domain does not reflect intellectuality. One must acquire as much knowledge as possible during his long walk throughout his career. A manager must be eclectic in his observation, which means, as said by Aristotle, obtaining knowledge from various sources. He must always tend to be a connoisseur of all fields. His arguments must be impeccable. For that, he needs to master everything he could.

If you are a manager from IT field, there is nothing wrong if you understand the development and operations of agriculture based industries. In fact, you must be aware of this too. That is what I am emphasizing. If you think both these systems are independent of each other, I am sorry, something went wrong in you! Dude! Each and every system we have now depends on each other system. This is the reason why the world exists. If one of the systems collapses, then the entire Eco-system would collapse. A best example is the recent economic downturn which came as a result of letting Lehman Bros to collapse. Had the economists predicted the consequences of collapse, either they would have mitigated the effects of the impact or they would’ve struggled a lot not to let Lehman Bros to collapse. Banks like Goldman Sachs played a trump card of tax-payers’ money not only to insulate itself from the impact but also to enjoy lavishly in the form of bonus. What is the moral? If you push anyone down in a queue, you will see everybody in the queue starts to toddle. Our world is similar to that. So, if a manager needs to save his organization from any disaster, he must knew about each and every other system that if collapses, let his organization to toddle. Only then, he and his organization can survive. Hello manager! Start to walk horizontally too!
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