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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What If Everything Becomes Green?

The world is been trapped between various issues nowadays. Some talk about climatic change, some about the economic downturn and so on. When you narrow down the issues for the most critical crisis that the earth faces, you would be forced to choose “global warming”. Yes, the most important problem we confront is the drastic climatic change. I am not going to handle a statistics class now rather I would like to remedy the situation. Not only myself, but all of us who have hired this earth for living need to think of a remedy. Probably you might be switching on your brain machine to get some intellectual questions like, “Being a powerless layman, what can I do to stop this damn global warming?” but, dude! There is no room for such philosophy! We need to react soon. Surprisingly, philosophy, as usual, is going to bring in the change in you now. Perplexed? Go ahead reading!

Let us say, there are two companies, one has a position with a hefty package and the other has a position with a salary that would probably enough for an economized living. In addition to this, the former would dignify your image in the society whereas the latter would make the society look you down but unlike its counterpart, it is good for the world. Which job would you prefer? Obviously, many of us would chase a higher position with a hefty package, hardly caring our nation’s welfare. This was the main reason to the ‘green’ getting destroyed. One more point is that the country could not maintain a balance between the primary sectors and the rest. Industries started to occupy cultivable lands and forests. Always there has been a justified reason to destroy a ‘green’ land for a purpose. Long ago, when agriculture flourished, people who owned cultivable lands were highly respected. Naturally, people were keen in acquiring lands for agriculture thereby promoting ‘green’. But, as we reached an era when the dignity shifted from farmers and land owners to industrialists, people started chasing the industries letting agriculture to collapse thereby, the ‘green’ to collapse. Not only this reason, but also, the need for industries increased in those periods since India needed those to get a tag of ‘developed country’, led to the downfall.

Forest and agriculture are major issues only for the government and not for the people. People are reluctant in choosing a career in forestry or agriculture. People started shifting completely from green to non – green. This should be checked. Anything will go wrong when there is no balance in it. Now, the condition is like, there is no balance between the sectors. The ratio of green to non green must be at least 35 to 65. In 2050, there is a high probability that famine would attack the country. Probably your children or grand children will be the victims. Only way to prevent this is to change the most to green. This is really serious.
One way or the other, there will be an end to this industrial era and people will go back to olden day methodologies for every thing. Things which are considered to be obsolete now will become brand new tomorrow. A day will come when the world will love to go back the Stone Age! Everything is a circular in this world! It is our talent to be in the centre rather than at the extremes!

I am not asking you to reverse the clock to 1950s. Just think of this world before twenty and odd years. There would be little more ‘green’ than now. Achieve that! That would be the best achievement. Adopt green. If you want to start your career think of green. If you want to start a business, think of green. Have a socialistic approach in all your further steps. If you are a big fish in your society, please promote green. All these would definitely pacify the impact of “global warming”. That is enough for the country now. So, go back to olden days a little, for making the world green; ensure a healthy balance; then, stop! Maintain a balance! Remember, EXTREMES ARE ALWAYS DANGEROUS!
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