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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What If Everything Becomes Green?

The world is been trapped between various issues nowadays. Some talk about climatic change, some about the economic downturn and so on. When you narrow down the issues for the most critical crisis that the earth faces, you would be forced to choose “global warming”. Yes, the most important problem we confront is the drastic climatic change. I am not going to handle a statistics class now rather I would like to remedy the situation. Not only myself, but all of us who have hired this earth for living need to think of a remedy. Probably you might be switching on your brain machine to get some intellectual questions like, “Being a powerless layman, what can I do to stop this damn global warming?” but, dude! There is no room for such philosophy! We need to react soon. Surprisingly, philosophy, as usual, is going to bring in the change in you now. Perplexed? Go ahead reading!