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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Think Why You Need To Think 'Why'?

You might have heard of facts saying that we use only about 2 to 3 per cent of our brain whereas scientists use a little bit more. What does the phrase, ‘using our brain’ mean? When can one be said that he uses his brain? Simple! ‘Using’ is nothing but ‘thinking’ by using your brain. Consider brain as a resource of ideas, and you always need to utilize your brain to obtain useful ideas and decisions. How can you make your brain work better? Some of you might have tried memory pills or some other tablets believing that it would induce your brain to think. But, many of us are unaware that, we do not need such stimuli and it is quite easy to make our brain think well than others’ do. It is also easy to percolate ideas from your brain through
a very simple practice. (Oh you are eager to know! Huh!)

The answer is in the question itself!!!! Baffled? (I can see your contracting eyebrows, dude!) Yes, to make your mind think well, you need to think!!! Still more confused? Cool… Let me explain it clearly. Read the above statement again. To make your brain think well than others’ do, you need to think about something and put a question ‘why?’ always. More exactly, you must give minimum rest to your brain in the daytime. The more you think, the sharper your brain will become. Always think, think, and think! If you often employ your brain for some work, it would make your brain sharper and let you think smart. Now, it’s time to trash all the unwanted memory tablets.

As per a survey, it is said that, a person’s memory power is increased when he thinks more or in other words, delegates more work to his servant, the brain. Further, it should also be provided with enough rest for it would be working continuously for the whole day. You might think that this statement is contradictory to what I said before. Absolutely not! My statement was to get rid of the laziness, and avoid wasting your valuable time. But, utilizing the brain for useful purpose and relaxing for sometime giving enough rest is not a sin. Summing up everything, to become a smart individual, you need to think and think always regarding anything that would let your brain to ooze out ideas by squeezing it. This topic reminds me of the words of one of the great scientists Albert Einstein, who made a beautiful statement emphasizing the thinking process. He says, “The true purpose of education is to train the mind to think” You must often ask yourself, the w/h question, “Why?” Always try to have a philosophical perspective on world entities. The ‘Why’ factor will help you in becoming a smarter personality and your growth will be conspicuous.

Coming to the corporate world (usually I do, huh?), you would be surprised by the fact that out of the top 100 successful Indian Companies’ CEOs, about 60% are non-MBAs!!! (Even more surprising?) How come a CEO who doesn’t hold an MBA, succeeds in leading such a big corporation? Have you ever thought of this? Here is the clarification. They succeed because they think and analyze better. They always think and are capable of forecasting things. THEY KNEW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. THEY EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. After all, all the management principles that one study in an MBA must have been formulated out of commonsense. Commonsense is the result of thinking process. If you think and analyze well, you will be better than an MBA graduate. So, this “thinking why?” will answer you many and many more questions in your life. OK, Folks, now let’s think about having a cup of tea!!!
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