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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Facts Inside Leadership Envelop

You might have heard of statements like, “Leadership skills are necessary to be employable.” Or “Leadership is very very essential!” Sometimes the statements are scarier, like, “You can survive this competitive environment if and only if you are a leader!” (Did it pump your adrenalin? Cool down!!). You would start to sweat thinking it as a difficult entity to learn. You would have tried finding the real importance of the word, “Leader” or might have asked yourself who a leader was. At least you would have searched the word to be aware of, before your friends do. OK. As these statements say, Of course, Leadership is essential. But, one must understand that it is neither an abstruse subject nor a complex skill that is very difficult to acquire. Putting it clearly, leadership is not an innate quality. It can be acquired by understanding what it is and by adopting a few principles for practice. Consider a team in a corporate. A manager has to motivate his team and get the work done in time. This definition sounds logical. Okay. Now, a million dollar question for you. Is every manager a good leader? Absolutely No! All managers are not good leaders. Why so? Go ahead reading, to know the reason. Taking a team as an illustration, a leader is not someone who makes himself stand out of a team and get the work done but one who is working with the team, within the team. There is no sign of isolation between a leader and his team.


A leader should always be cool and should attract everyone with a smile. He should communicate well with the team and should be a lovable guy. He must not attract the wrath of his men at any instant. Even if he confronts such a situation, he must be talented to set the affection back to position. He must tend to erase the clear line drawn between personal and professional lives. Don’t be too formal. Next, say if you head a team, you need to accept and value each and everyone’s opinions. Your responsiveness will reward their honesty and commitment in the works you allot to them. Discuss everything with your team members. Let your decisions be democratic rather than authoritative. Understand their personal pain. Encourage them with your words. Words have the power to shape a mind accordingly to your wish. If one of your employees commits a mistake, try not to express your anger through words. Doing so would make him to be less communicative with you, since your action would create a fear in his mind. Encouraging and consoling words are more than any other tangible incentive to an employee. If your team feels your sweetness, I can say, you have started to win their hearts. Come down to their level, unwrap your management coat, and mingle equally with them. If you condescend, you will be the king of hearts!!!


For an organization, a leader should be smart enough to make the smartest decisions. He has to be a creative thinker and produce brand new ideas for his enterprise. He must take considerable risks and must have the analyzing ability to forecast the consequences of the risks. Even if the consequences are negative, he is accountable, and the impact should never depress him. His confidence and self motivation should make him come back to fight and win the battle. He, who does not take risks, will not be a good leader. Risks are necessary to pull the organization forward. He must always have the thought of bringing about a change in his organization. A leader should be an honest, loyal, role model. Is there anyone in this earth, who is not attracted by encouraging and lovable words? This is the key to make your men work for you. They, then, would start to work for your words even ignoring their personal conveniences. After all! People love leaders rather than managers!!!
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